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SteepFuze Hemp Infused Coffee


SteepFuze Hemp Infused Coffee

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A very exciting addition to our bean selection. Our recent collaboration with SteepFuze resulted in high quality hemp-infused coffee. Using our Tanzania Peaberry, SteepFuze has perfected the process of infusing solvent-free, full-spectrum cannabinoid extract into the bean.  


Quarter lb contains 112 mg cannabinoids.

Half lb contains 225 mg cannabinoids.

Full lb contains 450 mg cannabinoids.

Read more about the history and process at SteepFuze website,


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Steep Fuze was started in 2014 by Devin Jamroz. Originally, our goal was to join the “green rush” and manufacture THC-infused coffee beans solely for sale to dispensaries. As we progressed, we discovered that our high-CBD content infusions produced a wonderfully unique effect. It was not a traditional “high” like one would expect from a cannabis-infused product, but rather an invigorating, alert and focused experience; everything that you could ever want from a regular cup of gourmet coffee, but far beyond what you would get from one. We knew we had come upon something special, so we changed our plans and began focusing solely on CBD-infused coffee. 

We quickly discovered that making genuinely infused coffee beans is very difficult. There is not a lot of surface area, the density from bean-to-bean is uneven, and you don’t want to coat your beans in an oil that makes them sticky, difficult to handle, and that gums up your grinder. We eventually tried experimenting with pre-ground coffee in tea bags and K-cups and found that it is relatively easy to drop a blob of oil in your grounds, call it “infused,” and brew your cup of coffee. Now on a very basic level, it worked. There was technically some CBD in the cup of coffee (though we had to lab-test the coffee to prove it), but something was missing. It didn’t have that magic that made us turn away from THC and switch to CBD in the first place. We knew that the perfect cup of coffee needed to come from a combination of the highest quality beans and the best CBD extraction that we could find. We knew that we couldn’t give up on whole beans. 

The first step was to find the best quality and freshest coffee, and that meant going straight to a roaster. As luck would have it, we didn’t actually have to look that hard. One day Devin was in his backyard on the phone talking about coffee with a hemp farmer when over his fence someone called out “Hey man, you in the coffee business?” As it turns out, that someone was Gerry Leary, the owner and master head-roaster at The Unseen Bean, a favorite local coffee spot in Boulder. Gerry produces what he has coined “blind-roasted coffee.” Being blind since birth himself, when Gerry roasts, he cannot open the roaster and look in to check the roast level of his beans based on the color. Instead, he relies solely on his super-human senses of smell and hearing, and he controls the roast based on the aroma and sound of the beans crackling. Gerry’s expert roasting technique combined with the superb quality of the beans that he sources left no question that this was our guy.

Once we had found the best coffee, the question remained, how do you infuse fresh-roasted whole beans without ruining the flavor or coating them in sticky oil? The answer, you spend two years tearing your hair out and consulting with every chemist, PHD, and mad scientist you can find. In the end, we found the trick is to infuse the beans’ naturally occurring flavor oils that are released during the roasting process – and we do it without the use of any harmful solvents or inedible products of any kind. 

The last piece of the puzzle was to find someone who produces CBD extracts that are as high a quality Gerry’s coffee. After a lot of shopping around, we finally visited a farm that looked promising. We had barely gotten out of the car and we knew that this was the place we wanted our CBD from. The aroma of cherry and citrus wafted all around us as we looked down row after row of the most beautiful, healthy hemp plants we’d ever seen. Their hemp is grown outdoors in the Colorado sun without the use of any pesticides or chemical fertilizers of any kind.

And at the end of this journey we bring you CBD Coffee by Steep Fuze. The highest quality, responsibly sourced coffee beans; freshly blind-roasted and naturally infused with solvent-free, organic, whole-plant, full spectrum CBD extract for your drinking pleasure.

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