The Unseen Bean: The Story of How Passion Outwits Obstacles

What a nice write-up of Gerry's working life. Thanks ANCHORA!

Gerry's precocious nature often made life interesting for his parents...

Without sight, Gerry learned the art of HAM radio, how to work on cars, and even built his own successful business as a mechanic. When he wanted to learn how to roast coffee, he was met with resistance–and pushed through anyways.

"Everyone I talked to said, `Boy, you really have to see to do this. I don't know how to teach you.' One person said I'd never be able to roast coffee."

"I must have talked to 15 roasters," he allowed. He learned that most roasters relied on visual cues to glean information. "They would talk about color and structure and what was happening to the beans, how they broke open and how oily they were."

Gerry eventually received training and certification as a Master Coffee Roaster from the Coffee Training Institute and West Coast Specialty Coffee Company in San Francisco."

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