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As a mountain and college town, Boulder provides the perfect backdrop to world-class cafés. With a different coffee shop on nearly every corner, it can be a difficult task to find the best brew not to mention one that comes with a charming atmosphere. In hopes of helping you put an end to your search, we’ve rounded up the ballots and found the top five Boulder cafés.


The Unseen Bean: This Boulder favorite can fit a total of 10 people, but has coffee busting at the seams with flavor. Brewed blind by Master Coffee Roaster and founder Gerry Leary, the Unseen Bean only serves the highest quality, fair-trade Arabica beans. Leary roasts all of the coffee for his famed café and as he has been blind since birth, offers unique and intensely flavorful mixes.

Our Favorite Drink: Passion Cup Blend


Boulder has about one coffee shop to every two people. It’s a hard task to narrow it down to the best five, but the above cafés not only have winning drinks, but atmospheres to boot. 

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