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Taste the Passion in Blind Roasted Coffee

...Each bin has a tag with the type of bean written on it, both in marker and in Braille. Leary is preparing the next roast, spinning the beans. When they’re done, he takes a scoop, grinds the beans and brews a pot.

”Gerry coming on board was a total game-changer, because all of a sudden I had standardization for the coffee,” Jamroz says.

Leary had spent fourteen years developing the perfect roast, and adding CBD was a natural fit, he says. “I roast the coffee so that the oil that is in the bean stays in the bean,” Leary explains. “That way, when they infuse the bean, the oil that they use combines with the oil that’s still part of the coffee bean so you don’t lose the infused oil in the grinder or in the edges of the bag.”...
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Pot-Infused Coffee May Be the Newest Trend

Up the road in Boulder, SteepFuze infusing beans, having them roasted by Unseen Bean founder Gerry Leary and selling them by the pound to consumers.

Because both products are only infused with the non-psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant, cannabidiol (CBD) which comes from hemp, the only effect of consuming coffee in this new way is that a less-jittery aftermath of your caffeine intake. It is possible that caffeine-induced headaches will go away because of the CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties.
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There’s a new trend brewing in the coffee pots of Boulder County. It’s green, growing and totally groovy.
Boulder’s SteepFuze is taking a different approach, selling infused beans by the pound, roasted by Unseen Bean founder Gerry Leary.

Neither of the products will aid in your wake and bake, however: They’re infused with the non-psychoactive compound of the cannabis plant, cannabidiol (CBD) which comes from hemp.
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Gerry Leary has a nose for coffee.

Since he began roasting coffee in 2001, Leary, 62, has learned to detect the subtle changes in the beans by smell alone.

”About halfway through the process, the earthy beans start to develop that coffee smell,” Leary said. “Then it becomes a hot coffee smell and then there’s a toastiness and eventually a cotton candy smell from the sugars.
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The Unseen Bean: This Boulder favorite can fit a total of 10 people, but has coffee busting at the seams with flavor. Brewed blind by Master Coffee Roaster and founder Gerry Leary, the Unseen Bean only serves the highest quality, fair-trade Arabica beans. Leary roasts all of the coffee for his famed café and as he has been blind since birth, offers unique and intensely flavorful mixes.

Our Favorite Drink: Passion Cup Blend
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Blind since birth, Leary worked as an auto mechanic for nearly four decades before becoming a Master Coffee Roaster and opening The Unseen Bean in Boulder. He works by smell, touch, sound, taste and by experience, and he says he’s constantly logging these sense memories as frames of reference to better make sense of his world.

”When I enter a building, a car or anywhere really, I’m always making a map in my mind and paying attention to certain clues,” he said.

How his guide dog reacts, for example. Or the quality of an echo reverberating off of a soft or hard object, how things feel and by recognizable shapes, like the front end of an old Ford truck.

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Twisted Pine Brewing Company has been in business since 1995 and Big Shot Espresso Stout has been our most award-winning beer ever since. As a matter of fact, Big Shots bronze medal at the 2012 Great American Beer Festival made Twisted Pine the most award-winning brewery in Boulder County that year. Of course, everyone on the production side wants to brush off their shoulders and take credit for this amazing distinction, but really it’s mostly due to Gerry.

That’s right, Gerry.

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It’s more likely the lessons centered on experiencing each beer without using sight and noticing just how much we could pick up on with our other senses. That would explain why Twisted Pine invited Gerry Leary, the roaster and owner of The Unseen Bean who has been blind since birth. Leary roasts the coffee used in Twisted Pine’s Big Shot Espresso Stout, one of the six beers on the menu.

Before the tasting and between beers, Leary spoke about how he uses his sense of smell in his work and how participants would come to rely on the sense to tell them about the beers.
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The Unseen Bean — the “blind-roasted” Boulder-based coffee company with a shop downtown— is expanding east.

The Unseen Bean recently uprooted its roasting facility from 5765 Arapahoe Ave. in Boulder and moved it to 400 W. South Boulder Road, the newly refurbished Lafayette Marketplace shopping center where it also plans to open a second coffee shop.

”I see good potential out here,” said Gerry Leary, owner of the Unseen Bean. “The shopping center was run down for a while and let go; the people that own it now are completely revamping it.
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The Unseen Bean: Roasting Coffee In The Dark
March 25, 2013 | The Huffington Post

When you lose the use of one sense, the others become heightened. That’s certainly true for Gerry Leary of Boulder, Colorado. Leary has been blind since birth, yet he operates a successful coffee roasting business and a café near Boulder’s main pedestrian mall, Pearl Street. Leary learned to roast coffee by gauging the sound and smell of the beans, and his sense of coffee taste is second to none. He’s honed his sensibility to a fine point, and has become a supreme connoisseur and master craftsman. “There are other ways to take in your world beyond sight,” he says. “You have to be open, and you have to adapt.
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At first sight it may appear small and inconspicuous, tucked between the shops on Broadway just north of Pearl Street. Step in the door and you’ll see a few tables, a case of pastries, and a menu with all your familiar coffee favorites. You can enjoy delicious food and drinks at the Unseen Bean and be on your way, but linger a bit and you’ll find this little coffee shop holds much more than meets the eye.

Glance at the door and you’ll see the Unseen Bean’s logo, a dog with a blindfold bending over a cup of steaming coffee. The dog represents Midnight, companion and guide dog to the shop’s founder, Gerry Leary. Gerry has been practicing the art of coffee roasting since he first encountered the process in 1994. He earned his certificate of Master Coffee Roaster at the San Fransisco Coffee Training Institute and founded the Unseen Bean in Colorado in 2001. He knows all the ins and outs of coffee roasting and tailors each order to his customer’s specifications, meticulously recording his steps so he can recreate the order. And, if you haven’t already guessed, Gerry does this all without seeing.
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By smell and sound, he can tell when the beans are done roasting. He’s able to perfect that process with taste. The end result, he said, are coffees that showcase a variety of flavors.
”Coffee, in some ways, is similar to wine,” he said.

A lot of people also are curious about blind-roasted coffee, he said, adding that the curiosity is not a bad thing.

”To me, curiosity is a healthy thing, curiosity is the origin of thought ... these are the positive sides. I don’t really worry about the negative side,” he said. “I’ve sort of figured a way to turn the curiosity ... on its head.”...
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