HAM radio loves the Unseen Bean

Did you know that in addition to being a Master Roaster and expert mechanic, Gerry is a HAM radio enthusiast? Some of the many things we love about Gerry are his charming curiosity and tenacity in conquering new challenges. Dog Walk Blog hits the nail on the head. Check out this post from fellow HAMer Rufus Dogg: 

About nine years ago, [Gerry's] interests started to wander. As he was having dinner at a San Francisco café, he heard what sounded like a rock tumbler. It was, in fact, a coffee bean roaster. Immediately intrigued, he asked the roastmaster if he could learn to roast beans by sound and smell. Without missing a beat, the roastmaster explained what the roast looked like as the beans turned color. Gerry pieced together the subtle changes in sound and smell to map out a roasting cycle.


When Gerry was nine years old, he came down with an ear infection which kept him home from school for several weeks. He was driving his dad crazy with boredom, so his dad’s Army buddy gave Gerry an old radio to listen to. It wasn’t long before Gerry’s natural curiosity took hold and he and his dad were taking HAM radio operator classes. By the time he was eleven, Gerry had his license and he could not only listen, but talk on the radio.

Gerry never fails to inspire folks who happen to strike up a conversation with him, this HAMer's experience is one of many. 

What is the most interesting, serendipitous conversation you've had with a stranger? 

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