Gerry Leary founded The Unseen Bean in early 2003 with the intention of making the freshest, best-tasting coffee available anywhere. Leary, who is blind from birth, refused to let his sightlessness keep him from becoming a Master Coffee Roaster. He trained in San Francisco at the West Coast Specialty Coffee Company.  After working as a blind mechanic for 40 years, Gerry decided it was time to trade in his toolbox for a coffee roaster. “I’m very content in the coffee profession. People are upset when their cars break down, but almost everyone is happy with a great cup of coffee.”  

Beginning with only a quarter-pound roaster in a shed in his yard, Gerry logged every roast until he perfected the craft of roasting coffee in the dark. Who says you have to see the color of the beans? Gerry’s potential roasting capabilities were initially doubted. However, he has learned how to observe the sound and smell cues behind roasting excellent coffee with utmost precision. Gerry is now the world’s only known blind coffee roaster.

Check out this video--produced by Ira Chute for Dark Rye, an online magazine from Whole Foods Market--about Gerry's amazing coffee journey below:

Gerry buys only the finest quality beans the world has to offer.  Although the selections may vary seasonally, he can usually get the beans his customers want. Whenever possible, The Unseen Bean buys organic, shade-tree grown, fair-trade hard arabica beans.

At The Unseen Bean, we believe that freshly-roasted coffee needs to reach the consumer as quickly as possible. Gerry’s goal is to roast each batch to perfection, presenting you with consistent taste and degrees of roast.  We offer you the opportunity to taste your favorite beans freshly roasted so that you can have your coffee fix exactly the way you want it.

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Gerry, his guide dog Devyon, and all of us at The Unseen Bean cordially invite you to...